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Advanced Dentistry Techniques & Technologies in Oakton

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At Oakton Dentistry by Design, we’re passionate about offering patients the highest quality of dental care, and one way we are able to offer the most effective solutions is by staying educated about the latest dentistry techniques and technologies and incorporating them into our practice. We utilize advanced dental technologies in order to provide the most comfortable, convenient, and effective treatments for our patients. Contact our Oakton, VA dental team to find out more or schedule an appointment today.

Digital X-Rays

Traditional x-rays exposed patients to high levels of radiation, took a significant amount of time to capture and develop, and were cumbersome to store and transfer. Digital x-rays are quickly captured exposing patients to significantly lower levels of radiation, and the higher definition images are immediately available to view on chairside computer monitors where we can carefully demonstrate areas for concern and walk patients through their treatment options. Digital x-rays are also easily transferred to insurance providers and specialists.

ConeBeam Scanner

Digital x-rays offer significantly higher resolution images compared with those produced by traditional x-rays, but they don’t give us the full picture of how patients’ smiles work together. For that, we use the ConeBeam scanner. These scans are panoramic giving us a complete picture of how teeth fit together, how underlying structures are working, and allowing our skilled dentists to plan advanced treatments like dental implant placement more precisely for improved success rates.

Soft Tissue Laser

The soft tissue laser has transformed the way our team performs a number of procedures including scaling and root planing and gum recontouring. In the past, we relied on scalpels and stitches removing healthy tissue along with the unhealthy, and exposing patients to possible risk for reinfection as the area heals. Soft tissue lasers allow us to precisely target and remove damaged or excessive gum tissue as needed minimizing bleeding, sterilizing the treated area, and reducing healing time and potential for reinfection.


Millions of patients experience dental phobia or anxiety and even more are fearful of needles. When you put those two things together, the result is a severely stressed patient. That’s why we use the WAND to deliver local anesthesia. Not only does this pen-like tool not resemble a needle, it also allows us to more precisely target an area to numb which means we don’t have to numb large areas of patients’ faces to perform simple procedures.

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